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Welcome to Because I Love it. Or as we like to call it – BILI.

BILI’s a platform that connects brands and manufacturers with influencers to sell products.

Our Vision is a world where every influencer and creator is a retailer.

Our Mission is to help influencers and creators sell the products they love to the fans who love them.

Why BILI and why now?

Influencer marketing is the fastest growing area of eCommerce, with Influencers driving $16B a year in product sales.

As well, 4 in 10 brands currently use influencer marketing, paying $4B in North America alone for this.

The problem is, connecting brands with influencers successfully, requires a significant amount of work.

BILI simplifies the process by connecting everyone through one platform. You get access to data, insights, expertise, and products with access to a network of over 10,000 influencers.